No Geritol, ever!
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Help me find a short, clever video on new notions of aging in middle age.

I have a project for my psychology class in aging and human development. I've been assigned "middle age."

I wanted to include a video that shows how notions of old age, aging and middle age have changed with better opportunities in health care and nutrition. I was looking for something like an interview, advertisement or PSA with some highly effective older athletes or scholars or the like - including people like swimmer Dara Torres, retired pitcher Nolan Ryan, or something similar.

I was also hoping for something surprising and witty, sort of in the vein of this awareness test PSA.

I liked the tv ad that Nolan Ryan did about 10 years ago for Advil, OTOH I always hated the stupid Geritol ads that poor Yvonne Goolagong got stuck with.

So, hook me up with your videos of awesome middle-agers! Thanks MeFi!
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Response by poster: also - doesn't have to be famous, doesn't even have to have words. here's one I found that I might be able to use that apparently has nothing to do with what I asked for, but is chock full of all kinds of awesome.
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