Beginner resources for ASP.NET and SQL?
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So the company I've started working for has asked me to step into a website development role, and while I've got some limited tech knowledge, I need to find some resources to start really digging into ASP.NET and SQL.

I've been doing web design for quite a few years and have a little experience with ASP.NET and slightly more substantial experience with SQL, but I definitely need to shake the rust off before I step into any sort of full time position. Are there any good books / webinars / courses that I can take that would start from the ground up and get me to a working knowledge of the software? Any suggestions would really help.
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WebForms or MVC?
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I'll see if I can get a list of some resources, but in the meantime, I wanted to address something specific about ASP.NET, given your background. Know that, at least in my experience, professional ASP.NET development is trending away from its historic model of "A control for everything! Plug and play web widgets for all! No one cares what happens underneath!" in favor of more light-weight controls, much more developer/designer control over markup, decent JavaScript frameworks (e.g. JQuery), strategically employed AJAX functionality, etc.

I only mention this to encourage you, as a web designer, not to "overlearn" ASP.NET, at least in its historical model. You're going to want to retain your sensibilities about separation of semantic markup from style/presentation, good CSS employment, etc., and fill in with ASP.NET controls where data delivery is necessary.
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Brak, that's kind of what I've heard from everyone I've talked to. I appreciate the help. I've done web design but never really taken on a full time (or even really a moderately paying) web design gig (I've always been waaaaaayyy more rooted in hardware) so I want to try to get a good amount of reading and personal time to play around before I have to crash course my way through things.
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Microsoft's own ASP.NET QuickStart tutorials are a great starting point and reference for common tasks. There is source code for every example in both VB.NET and C#.
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If you're amenable to going down the MVC route (this is going to at least somewhat depend on what the existing code base looks like), the website has some good 'getting started' tutorials too.
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