Does Revolution work well?
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Is Revolution as effective flea/heartworm protection as Frontline/Interceptor?

My vet recently switched us from Frontline Plus and Interceptor to Revolution. Doing research has revealed rather mixed reviews on the effectiveness of this product. I know that it doesn't provide great protection for ticks so I am planning on getting Preventic when that season starts.

Tell me what you've heard and whether you have used it and been satisfied.
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I use Revolution for my cat, and he's never gotten a tic or flea. That's all I got.
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We use Revolution on our two labbies and the cat. Seems to work fine, although the dogs aren't out much in places they can pick up ticks, and the cat is strictly indoors. I believe our vet was more concerned with heartworm than ticks.

Maybe ask the vet why the switch? I'm thinking Revolution is being marketed more?
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My relative's vet put their new (flea bitten, unknown medical history) cat on Revolution, and everything seems to have worked out fine. The vet chose Revolution over Frontline because he was concerned that there may have been other parasites that we weren't aware of. His reasoning could be similar, or it could be something else, why don't you ask him yourself?
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I haven't used Revolution, but I had no luck with Frontline on my cat (I use advantage multi). It seems that, increasingly, it's not working on fleas in hotter areas of the country. This may be the reason for the switch.
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My 12 lb. dog is 5 years old. We have always used Revolution. He has not had any issues.
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We used Revolution on our dog last year for the first time (she's only 1.5 years old). I take her on daily walks through forests and bushy/swampy areas and never saw a tick on her.
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I use Revolution on my cats now, because one of them had a bad heart attack a year ago that was caused by canine heartworms. We do see an occasional flea on them, but we did so when we used Frontline Plus for Cats, as well. The vet told me that bad infestations should be treated with Revolution every three weeks, instead of once a month, but I haven't tried that yet.

My Siamese cat likes Revolution a lot better than Frontline Plus. Her fur that had fallen out across the shoulders where the flea stuff gets applied has all grown back, and she forgives me more quickly after I apply it. Our cats also have beautifully clean ears, since Revolution prevents earmites, and it's nice that it's effective against intestinal worms, as well.

All of these flea treatments are appallingly expensive. I'd like to know if anyone has a favorite source for Revolution that is less expensive than others.
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Another Revolution user (and FrontLine switcher) for two adult male indoor/outdoor cats. As others have mentioned, our vet had us switch to get the added control for heart worms.

Both of our cats have actually had better experiences with Revolution (FrontLine seemed to cause them skin irritations), and we've had no flea issues with a couple of years worth of use under our belt. We don't live somewhere that ticks are going to be much of an issue, but fleas definitely.
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My dog's fleas enjoyed a dose Frontline, it didn't kill or even discommode them at all. Revolution removed ALL the fleas, and we've been flea-free for several years (using Revolution monthly.)
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My girlfriend (who has worked in a vet clinic, who continues to have vet-tech friends, who is interested in pets and keeping up on this sort of thing, who has had discussions with vets, who takes excellent care of our cats) had this to say:

Revolution is fine as flea and tick protection, but studies have shown it to be significantly worse for heartworm prevention than an oral treatment (like, say, Interceptor). With cats, where heartworm isn't much of a concern, that's fine. With dogs, where heartworm is a concern and treatment is expensive, Revolution isn't a good idea.
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we had no luck with frontline as our cats still had fleas after using it. we had good luck with advantage, as in no more fleas. our vet pushed revolution on us with a terror campaign about heartworms. it has burned holes in our cats backs and they scream and claw us if they smell the stuff in our hands. later, the vet said sensitive cats can have this kind of reaction. there is still a dark, furless area between our cats shoulders and flea allergies have caused the loss of much of their beautiful fur. i am devastated. we will go back to advantage as soon as the huge sore in the application area heals. be on the lookout for any reaction in the application area and dump that crap out the window at the first sign of a sore on their back. our cats were show beautiful (in my eyes) and now they look like refugees from a dump. I will try garlic and holy water before i'll inflict that crap on my babies again. anyone know other good organic flea treatments?
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Frontline was quite ineffective for our dog. We switched to Advantix. It's not for cats. It works pretty well for an inside dog, but I am unfamiliar with Advantage and will be interested in learning about it through this thread. Thank you.
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