How to consolidate landline, Skype, cordless heaset, etc.
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Consolidating landline, Skype, and headset(s) in to one neat system?

I run a web design business from home. I use Windows XP and will upgrade to Windows 7 when the cash is there.

Right now I have:
  • A landline and cordless phone w/a plug-in headset (corded)
  • Skype on my PC, with a USB corded headset. Also used for voice recognition, though I'll do this a lot more often when I get Windows 7
So here's the issue: if possible, I'd like to have one, high quality cordless headset, maybe Bluetooth-style, that handles all these functions. I won't be dumping my landline, because I prefer the quality over cell phone. I also don't currently make business calls from Skype, because I already pay for landline long distance. Additonally, Skype calls appear to come from a different phone number, and caller ID doesn't work for the call recipient.

Essentially, I want a high-quality wireless headset with which I can walk around my house and access all this stuff.

If having an all-in-one device isn't possible, I'd at least like a way to run a high-quality cordless headset for my landline. There is one model for at least $200, but I would prefer to somehow use a $100 Bluetooth instead.
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Jabra has the best quality headset for both, but rather unbelievably it requires a little robotic mechanism to actually lift the receiver on a landline phone that you have hidden in a closet or drawer.
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If you could get a Google Voice account, then you could use your landline headset for your work and home numbers by porting your work no. to GV.

While I don't think Skype works with GV, you can use Gizmo5, which is a similar product. Gizmo can receive and make calls via GV, so your called ID would show your work no. rather than your Gizmo or Skype no.

And you could make these calls from anywhere, including your home phone, if you wanted.
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you can then tie your Gizmo5 account to skype with their new OpenSkype tool.. details here
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Best answer: I use a Jabra bluetooth headset for this exact setup at work. The Jabra Extreme is their newest headset that supports active noise cancellation, etc. It, along with many others, supports connection to two devices at once. The nice thing about the Jabra headsets is they also support A2DP, which is wireless music streaming to the headset. Sound quality's not the best, but it's nice to be able to listen to a podcast or something.

The 'secret sauce' is the Jabra a7010 Bluetooth Hub, which is a device you plug in to your desk phone to give you Bluetooth support for it. You can add the optional handset lifter if you want to be able to answer calls remotely. They can be hard to find; I think I got mine from DealExtreme.
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Response by poster: Great ideas, thanks. Would the handset lifter be needed for a more modern cordless phone (looks like a large cell phone), or would I just need a $10 old-school phone I can hide in a closet and connect to the 'lifter'?
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