Need help remebering a quote from House
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I am trying to find a specific episode of House (Link), or more specifically a quote from one of the episodes. I am unsure at this stage if the quote is even from the House series since I can't find it. I was hoping you guys could help. The scene I remember is in a hospital room towards the end of the episode where the patient is in the hospital bed, unconscious, and their partner is standing next to the bed. One of the doctors then remark something to which the patient's partner replies that in a relationship the one person always loves the other a bit more. I would really like to get the exact quote. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

I have read through all the episode synopsis of the last three seasons as well as looked for keywords on Google and House specific quote sites. Sadly my memory is too vague or wrong since these attempts have been unsuccessful.
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I don't have time to look for it now, but I do recall this episode, and I haven't watched the most recent season. So that might help. If it hasn't been found by tomorrow, I can do some digging.
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If anyone cares, the following contains spoilers:

I think that this might be in the season two finale (episode: No Reason 1) when House gets shot. I think that it's the woman that House speaks to -- her husband (the guy who shot House) is behind the glass in isolation, unconscious -- and she says something like this. But I could be wrong.
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This might be from Sleeping Dogs Lie or Fidelity which were both season two episodes. It seems like season two was filled with stories that featured this kind of thing, though.
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This is painful, but TWOP recaps are absolutely comprehensive. It seems to not be either Sleeping Dogs Lie or Fidelity, although those were my guesses too.
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Not sure about episode names, but there was one about two people who were absolutely crazy in love, and it was revealed that she had cheated on him. He ended up leaving at the end of the episode. It sounds like maybe that might be a good place to look?
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gilsonal's episode is Fidelity. I don't think it's that one either.

An advanced google search with choice keywords at this domain: might do the trick. (To do this, copy the address into the "Search within site or domain box" under "Need more tools?" at the Google advanced search page; type in your search terms in the "Find web pages that have..." box.) I didn't have luck but you might recognize what you're looking for when you see it in a way that I can't.

Good luck!
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No exact quote, sorry, but I'm quite sure that this was in the episode Sleeping Dogs Lie (which is about a lesbian couple whose love is somewhat "one-sided").
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I don't have the DVD handy, but I'm 90% certain that The Toad is correct and this was in "Sleeping Dogs Lie" (episode 2.18).
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Here's a transcript of "Sleeping Dogs Lie" - I can't immediately find the quote you're thinking of, but you might have better luck. The twizTV site has pretty much all the House transcripts if it's not in 2.18!
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("...pretty much all the early House transcripts..." that should have read!)
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I remember that, I think. The gist of the quote was that in relationships one person always loves the other a bit more, and it's always better to be the person who loves less. I don't think it's Sleeping Dogs Lie, though, because I think the couple was a man and a woman, and the man was the patient.
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Do you watch "Grey's Anatomy"? This may be totally off the mark since I don't watch House at all, but this sounds familiar from a Grey's episode.
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I'm pretty sure it's Season 5: Simple Explanation. I remember something similar and it had to do with the husband finding out that his wife had lied about where she had been and that her lie eventually killed her. He wanted to give her one of his organs even though she had lied to him but she died anyway. Features Meatloaf and the death of Kutner.
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Okay, I just checked the transcript and I think I'm wrong.
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I think its the episode with the lesbian lovers and the one needs to donate an organ to save the other...the one receiving the organ is going to break up with her and the team is debating whether they should tell the donating partner.

Turns out that the donating partner knew all along that the other one was planning on leaving...but figured that she wouldn't be able to leave after she gave her an organ...or something like that..sorry I dont know that quote but maybe this will help someone else track it down if I'm right!
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Response by poster: I have checked Fidelity, Sleeping Dogs Lie, No Reason and Simple Explanation and I doubt that it is any of these episodes. I tried k8lin's suggestion but since I can't remember any of the exact words, only the gist of the quote this didn't work either. I really hope that i_am_a_fiesta or christinetheslp might be able to remember something more.

The quote from Sleeping Dogs Lie is given below. It is close, but not exactly what I am looking for.
Cameron: What you did was crazy, but it was pretty amazing too.

Max: Yeah. I'm a hero. [watches Hannah through the glass from her place across the hallway] She's been planning to leave me.

Cameron: Really?

Max: [nods] She told a friend. The friend let it slip.

Cameron: You knew, and - you gave up half your liver anyway?

Max: She can't leave me now.

Cameron: You really want her to stay out of guilt - that's not going to make any of you happy.

Max: You don't know that. I love her. I just want her to stay.

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That is definitely 100% from the episode I was describing.
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Man this must be a theme of House.

I don't remember quotes, but I think maybe it was touched on in the episode with the really smart guy who was dating an average girl and he started to tell the whole truth about how he felt because of his disease.
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I thought it might be Clueless - but I'm not seeing anything in the transcript like the quote
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There is always one who kisses, and one who turns the cheek.
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