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I have a 10 year old snowboard and am getting back into using it this season. It works fine, but I'm not 16 any more and I can afford something better. I know that skis have undergone a sea change since I stopped regularly skiing, is this also true for snowboards? Is it worth upgrading to a new board for a competent, but casual, snowboarder?

I did some googling and have read up on reverse camber boards, but I am not sure if that's worth upgrading for since I am more interested in free riding than actual tricks. My old boots still fit and my bindings work fine, and so does the board, but it was super cheap then and it's not super great at turns.

Also, if I were to get a new board, are there places worth looking at, or is the best deal waiting for me at the end of season sales?
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How often are you going to be riding?

If you're just an every-now-and-then rider, your 10 year old board is probably fine.

If you're going to be going regularly, I would consider a new board.

I'd suggest demoing boards from your local shop to test a few out.
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Porter's Tahoe has good prices. A lot of the best prices are on last year's models.
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To really tell you what kind of board to get I'd need to know where you ride (east coast, west coast) and what you ride (freeride, groomers, park, pipe, powder) most of the time. If your stuff still works just go riding and see what other people are riding on these days. You could also rent and/or demo boards from your local shops or look for companies doing on mountain demos. Snowboards can get pretty expensive so it's a good idea to test ride the new designs before you dive in.

The new rocker boards are pretty cool, but, there is definitely still a place for cambered boards. Really, it seems like the combination rocker/camber boards are what the future is. But it really depends on what kind of mountain and terrain you are riding on to make the right decision.
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Probably yes, the technology that has changed, you can't see, it's in the core structure, not the fancy graphics. Edges, I don't think have changed much, and once tuned properly it's a moot point anyway.

That said, if your old board still works fine with an edge sharpening and good hot wax, go have some fun. Check that your binding bolts are still tight.
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Heck yeah! Especially if you only ride a few times a year. An up to date board will cause less fatigue to infrequently used muscles, properly set up, tuned and matched to your style, than an old worn out board. You'll have more fun riding and you get to buy a new toy. I would say go whole hog if you can and get boots and bindings as well. The difference will be night and day.
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If you feel like your current board is holding you down, and you can afford it, then go for it. The world has moved on, particularly if you had a cheap board to begin with. Boards are lighter, stronger, more stable and generally just more fun to ride.

I am a reverse camber (rocker) convert myself, but you definitely need to find the right kind. Even within the reverse camber category there is a huge range of designs, not all of them are park specific. I am partial to Lib Tech and Gnu, but a large part of that is my Northwest bias. It just makes sense to me to buy the boards that are made an hour away. The Jamie Lynn Phoenix is a charger that has the scantily clad lady covered, though I preferred the 08-09 graphic with the lady and the alien.

Seconding that the combination of rocker and camber is where things are going. There will be a lot of that around next year. I hear good things about the Never Summer boards with the Rocker + Camber, made out in CO.

Go to your local snowboard shop and check out the new boards and talk to them about what you have and what you want. The real snowboard geeks work at the local shops.

Seconding the boots and bindings as well. At least boots. A pair of nice boots will change your world into a bright and sunny place. Unless you have really, really nice boots from 10 years ago, there have been vast improvements.
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