Roofers, plumbers, carpenters in Portland Oregon
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I'm looking for some referrals for a few good skilled trades-people in Portland, Oregon. I just bought my first home and I want to be prepared when issues come up (as they already have), so I'd like to find Metafilter's favorite roofers, plumbers, carpenters, general contractors, etc in the PDX metro area.

I've been burned by Craigslist. And I'm subscribed to Angie's list, but I still feel like it isn't as good as a personal reference. It seems like it's just full of people who understand the value of Angie's list and solicit feedback.

I'm doing my best to learn to do things myself, but I've broken more things than I've fixed. So I'd like to have some names I can go to in case I have problems.

If you're not comfortable posting contact info online, feel free to PM me.

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As far as general contractors go, and I know they have a bit of a corner on the market, but Neil Kelly is pretty damn good (full disclosure: my roommate is a finish carpenter with them). They do extremely good work, it's locally owned and run, the company is good to their employees and has a very transparent open book policy, and they are very involved in giving back to the community.
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Rainbow Valley Construction and Design, in Eugene and Portland, is a very very good company, for new houses, remodeling, and home repair/handyman sort of stuff.

Can't recommend them highly enough.
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After a massive remodel I can recommend a few people:

Jesse Gomez, JAG Construction, 503-781-2414 for carpentry and GC stuff

M Cruz G Painting
CCB 163353
Cell 971-221-2814; 971-221-8219

My neighbor gave me this name for stonework, walls, etc.
Siaki "Jack" Eteaki
CCB #160110

Also, I'm friends with the owner of Kaya which is a do-everything outfit and I haven't heard anything negative about them.
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I had my roof done by McArthur Roofing, and I was very happy with them.
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I've had great experiences with Cascade United Roofing as have the two other people I referred there. Someone recently pinged me on MeFi about using them too, although I don't know how that worked out for them. Anyhow, highly recommended.
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