Designing good customer service forms
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I'm looking for examples of good online customer service or technical support forms.

"Good" meaning: it can be easily and successfully used with a minimum of frustration.

Like this sort of thing, although this one I'm not crazy about because it's very text heavy and feels cramped.

I am looking for examples where you'd happily deal with the form and the user doesn't feel like emailing or calling is the fastest route to solve their problem.

The form might cover a range of technical questions or customer service question; I'm just looking for good spare layouts that genuinely help users get to answers swiftly.
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Apple's self-service forms are straightforward and easy to use, IMO. It collects a few bits of data and then asks a couple questions to determine what part or parts you need.
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I think Netflix is really good at this type of thing. I've always appreciated their customer service forms--both the quick "How was the video quality?" e-mails and the help/account management section of the website.
posted by Meg_Murry at 1:09 PM on March 1, 2010 serves as a support system for numerous companies, and I run across it every few months. I love it because it just works. I can log in with OpenID, which means I don't have to mess around before I even ask my question. It also seems to be very well moderated by official support staff, though I don't know if that's a feature of the web site, or just part of the culture of companies that happen to utilize the site.
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..aaand you said "forms", not "forums"
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