Can you help me improve my scrobble accuracy?
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Audio fingerprinting and ID3 tagging that populates fields with data: Does it exist?

I'm tired of scrobbling songs that doesn't recognize because my artist or title data is different from what the site expects. Are there any programs that can match my MP3s with known songs on, instead of using the CDDB or MusicBrainz database? Bonus points if the program runs on a Mac.

I asked this question in a comment here but that wasn't really an appropriate place for it, and I was late to the thread anyway.
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You can also use mp3tag to pull down all available tags by editing this script.
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Response by poster: Those both look like exactly what I need. Anything for the Mac? (I understated the importance of that part!)
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Last time I checked, uses the MusicBrainz database, so matching with that should be fine. I'm sure their tagger is multi-platform.
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Response by poster: Interesting, I just found this blog post suggesting they use their own proprietary system. But the post is three years old. Does anyone have more recent news?
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These posts indicate that there is a contract and that data is imported from Musicbrainz but the FAQ is a bit ambiguous. If there is some sort of integration, it's clearly far from perfect. I think using the Musicbrainz tagger is your best bet though.
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