How do I get computers to recognize Sony MiniDV Camera?
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Why can't I capture video from a Sony MiniDV camera's firewire ( port?

I bought a used Sony PDX10, and I'm trying to capture a MiniDV tape to my Mac Powerbook G4 with a brand new firewire cable. First, I tried daisy-chaining the camcorder to my Firewire drive, and it beach-balled. Second, I tried plugging the firewire directly into my laptop. The laptop doesn't recognize the device (in iMovie and FCP). When I run System Profiler and click Firewire, it says 'Firewire Bus:' or 'Firewire Bus: Maximum Speed Up to 400 Mb/s'. I tried this all in a different Mac, and I got the same result. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Could it be a bad cable? Bad camcorder?
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yes, it could be a bad cable or a bad port on the camera. Double check the settings on the video cam, should be on "play" and not "rec".
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Response by poster: should be on "play" and not "rec"

When I was researching this problem, I saw that posted on another board. I assumed that they meant 'VCR' not 'Camera.' Is it a different setting?
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Best answer: If System profiler doesn't see it (and it doesn't)'s only one of three things:

The firewire port on the mac, the firewire cable, the firewire port on the camera.

If you've tried it on another mac, then it's the cable or camera. Try a different cable.
If you're tried a different cable and's the camera.
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