What are the most effective professional (personal) websites for writers you've seen?
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What are the most effective professional (personal) websites for writers you've seen?

Effective here means serving the needs of people who want to: read their book, hire the writer freelance, get information on their other projects, contact the writer, get to the writer's blog and twitter.

I quite like merlinmann.com, and I suspect the site is effective, it's clean, easily read by the busy, and points at his work. Are there other effective examples you can think of? Thanks!
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I find Scalzi's to be ruthlessly efficient. Notice the right-hand column under "Administrivia."
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Merlin's is very nice. I think this site is clean and effective. (I'm pleased with mine, too.)
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Penelope Trunk's blog. She effectively markets herself as a blogger, book author, newspaper columnist, founder of a social-networking website, Twitterer, sage, etc. (I don't know if she's technically a "freelance" writer, but her site as a whole seems to be the kind of thing you're looking for.)
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Clive James, the Australian author and broadcaster, has a very good site at http://www.clivejames.com/
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I am going to second Zed in recommending Scalzi's website, but with the caveat that since I have been following it I haven't bought any of his books because they are (to me) so blatantly autobiographical.

The fact remains that his being a very popular blogger has very undoubtedly been a boon for his writing career.
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John August has the Platonic ideal of a screenwriter's website.
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I was just looking for good author sites today - here's some I bookmarked with the first one (peter maass) being my favorite by far of the bunch:
peter maass
kurt anderson
john burnham schwartz
jhumpa lahiri
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Response by poster: This has been very very helpful. Thank you all SO MUCH.
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Response by poster: Inspired by your suggestions, I ended up with this redesign and restructure of Leahpeah.com. I wrote a bit about the background of this project here.
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