How to administer online book club?
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How would you administer an entirely online book club discussion? I started a book club with some friends from around the country, and we want to discuss our reading together in real time. Is there an especially good way to do that which is easy and intuitive? Not all of my friends are technology savvy. I am thinking that some form of an online conference call or chat may be best, but I look forward to your suggestions.
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For a small group most IM clients allow a "conference call" type discussion. Just now I tried adding ten others to an Windows Live Messenger session. OK, I didn't go through with it but I could have.

That would be the simplest, easiest to arrange and manage to begin with.
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You could try Google Wave. That might be one of the best uses for the platform.
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I agree with the suggestion of Google Wave. Searching on Wave shows some results that look pretty successful. I think it depends on the exact level of technological savvy, though. A group chat sort of thing would certainly be simpler, but with Wave people could contribute at different times and you'd have a neater archive of the discussion.
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For the easiest video chat around, try Tinychat. If everyone's got a webcam, all you need to do is set up the room and send them a URL. If they don't have a cam, they can still hear the rest of you and type in their thoughts in the chat window.

I like Wave, but I'm not sure constructing a document is what you want to do here; aren't book clubs all about chatting? Create a room on tinychat, set a time, and have a natter about the book!
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Not all of my friends are technology savvy.

You could have them join LibraryThing (a basic membership is free) and set up a private 'Talk ' group just for your book club.

That's a pretty low-tech solution.
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