I smell bad. :( Or part of me does
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Ladyparts question: Almost a week ago I had a LEEP done. I need some advice on dealing with a specific part of the aftermath.

As anyone knows who has had this done, it causes a sort of gross long-term discharge situation - black stuff which is apparently the cauterizing agent. I'm told (by my doc) that I can expect another week at least of it, and not to worry. The problem is that the stuff stinks (apparently also to be expected - I am under a doctor's care and am not concerned about infection - it's a known side effect). Just one or two drops and within a few seconds this awful acrid, bloody odor comes wafting up which I'm sure would be noticeable to anyone standing close to me. My solution thus far is to change my pad after even a drop or two of discharge when I'm out and about in public, but this seems like an awful waste and is also pretty inconvenient to be hopping up to go to the bathroom all the time. My question: is there anything else I can do about this smell? Some great brand of odor-absorbing pantyliner I don't know about? Should I sprinkle baking soda in my underpants? Anything?
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How about a cup, like a keeper? Or would that be a bad idea after the procedure? Maybe ask your doctor about it.
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There are charcoal inserts/liners for people with digestive problems. Maybe they'd help you too. Here's a thread where people are talking about them. You can do a search with the keywords "charcoal" and "underwear" to bring up a lot of stuff.
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I've had it done and yeah, the aftermath is none too pleasant. I just went with always which were scented (although the scent was in itself nasty) and about 3 showers a day. I convinced myself it wasn't as noticeable to others, just me, but still my sympathies are with you.
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yeah, barnone, you can't put anything into your vagina for (i forget how many days) after a LEEP.

I think you can just continue doing what you're doing. Know that you are way more sensitive to it than anyone else.
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Nth-ing that you're probably way more sensitive to the smell than anyone else. Be careful of buying scented or deodorant pantiliners/sprays/etc. They can cause yeast/BV that will just extend your misery.

If anything, I'd go the regular change route, perhaps with a moderate application of regular perfume to the non-ladyparts area.

And dear sweet baby jesus, I can believe I'm typing this, but self-help orgasms can be a pleasant way to speed along the vagina's natural self-cleaning. Which could speed along your recovery from this annoyance.
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after my leep, I was horrified by the blackish stuff, and I used a shower head to try to spray and get it out of me. The doctor later told me that that was a bad idea, it could have forced it further back up in there and possibly gotten nasty from not escaping like it was supposed to. She said if I felt like I had to do something, it would have been better to just soak in the tub and let it kind of drift out on its own. So possibly taking a nice long warm bath to encourage it to dissolve (which yes, is yucky to think of, but then there's the post-bath shower...) might help.
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Just don't use baby powder down there.

good luck!
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Fwiw, I have never in my 30-something years stood next to somone and thought "Yanno, I smell something that is likely coming from their bits". BO? Yeah. Bad breath? Sure. But while I have surely at some point been in the presence of someone with something going on downstairs, I have never noticed anything. Be kind to your bits, do what hygiene and healing require, and don't worry to much about the rest of us. Good luck and feel better!
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Fwiw, I have never in my 30-something years stood next to somone and thought "Yanno, I smell something that is likely coming from their bits".

I have! And my sense of smell isn't the best either b/c I'm a smoker. I think you're just trying to be reassuring to the OP, though.

Seconding frequent changes and warm baths. I think that scented liners just make the smell worse though, so I'd avoid those. It sounds like you're being very conscientious and clean about getting through the healing process. Keep it up and it'll pass quickly.
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