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i'd like to use css+xml to render pdf on a server for *free*... any help? [mi]

i've looked into yeslogic prince and it sounds like the bee's knees, but their commercial server license is $2000 (?!?). jumping into xsl-fo is a bit more than i want to bite off at the moment; css is not a prob. any help would be greatly appreciated.

an alternative might be to use css to mold printing from a html file, but i'd like to be able to offer pdf to clients so that i know it will print correctly (whereas highly styled html might get eaten by ie).
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Do you know PHP? You can use it to parse your XML data and convert the output to PDF. Not sure about the CSS styling, but I don't think it would pose a problem.
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Yeah, I was going to suggest writing a PHP script that would position items on each page. However, the main PHP libraries for doing it require licenses for commercial use ($450 or $1000). There's a list of free alternatives here.
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pdflib is a free, well supported way to make pdfs. It has both a free and non-free version. I have rarely found a use for the non-free portions, although we have it at work. You'll have to do quite a bit of work to get from XML to pdf, although that's what we do here at work. You'll have to write a bit of custom code. pdflib is very low level "Write this piece of text at 752, 112. Draw a line from 750, 100 to 1000, 100" and so forth. It has bindings for most major languages (via swish)
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I'm not sure exactly what you're tring to do, but iText is an opensource Java library I've used on the server to create PDF's and spit them out to a web browser.

If you post some more details on what you're doing, I may be able to give you a better suggestion.
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Oh yeah, another idea- PDFCreator. This sets up as a printer on your system, so any program that can print can print to a PDF.
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Why not just plug it into a web browser of your choice and have it print to PS? This can all be automated.
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thanks for the feedback. time to start digging...
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Jump to xsl-fo, it's great.
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mdpc, i have a movable type template that works in PHP to turn any content in the system into a PDF. email me (email's in the profile) if you are still looking.
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holloway--do you recommend any resources that particularly helped you?
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