What CMS / e-commerce solution have you used succesfuly for a multi-language site?
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Looking for CMS suggestions for a commercial website with good multilanguage support.

I'm setting up a website for a brick-and-mortar store. The initial goal is to have an on-line product catalog with links to request more information, which may in the future expand to include actual on-line sales. The catalog is going to be the main focus of the site, and needs to have good support things for like product attributes, combinations and alternate versions.

So far, I have been looking to implement this in Drupal, using the Ubercart module, but it turns out that Drupal core and Ubercart have made some conflicting design decisions regarding multilanguage support, leading to highly suboptimal results. For example, setting up and maintaining a dual-language product catalog requires jumping through several hoops, as described here.

Since I am still at the planning phase, and do not have much invested in the Drupal/Ubercart combo, I am re-evaluating the whole thing and would be interested in any input.
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CubeCart supports multiple languages as has a robust ecommerce/cart process. One of my clients uses it but I've never enabled the internationalization, but it's there if I ever need it.
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Check out Sitecore. I haven't personally worked with it for e-commerce purposes, but the multi-language support is great, very easy to work with.
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