Which online shopping cart provider should we use?
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What's the best shopping cart solution for a professional musician who wants to sell various products from his own website?

I handle web business for a friend/client, whom I'll call Chris. Chris is a successful musician, with a popular Wordpress blog that i maintain for him.

He sells the following things on his site:

albums as physical CDs
songs as downloadable MP3 files
sheet music as physical documents
downloadable ebooks

Currently he's using Ultracart, which is charging $75 per month, regardless of whether there is any activity. We feel it's unreasonable.

My first thought was Amazon, but Amazon webstore doesn't seem to allow the independent sale of electronic media.

Which service should we use?
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I recently asked a similar question, and chose to go with Shopify. I have been very, very pleased by their service, prices, everything. I'm using the lowest-cost plan, which is 24.99/mo.

Shopify is great, is really all I have to say. But I'm an online-selling n00b.
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Also, you can call them and talk to a real live salesperson. I talked to Jeremy (or someone with a J-name). He got me through general questions, was very gracious, and even helped solve technical problems later on. I recommend calling them and talking to them if you're at all interested; I was very pleased with their phone sales/service/support.
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What does "best" mean for your friend -- cheapest, simplest, lots of control and customization?

Fake's Shopify recommendation is a good one for a simple to manage site. The low-end monthly fee allows for 100 SKUs and I think 2% transaction fee.
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camcgee: Cheap and simple are good here.

Does Shopify allow the sale of e-books and mp3s?
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I've never used it for selling anything other than physical products, but according to this, you can do it by adding a Fetch account.
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Does Shopify allow the sale of e-books and mp3s?

Yeah, they claim to (I'm selling physical objects). I'd give them a call if I were you.
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