Find me an accountant I can trust.
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I live in Philadelphia and need an accountant.

Philadelphia has city tax, state tax, and federal tax. For a technically self-employed person who moved here from state-tax-free Florida, this can be overwhelming, and considering that the self-employed tend to get audited more frequently than others, it would be convenient to pay someone to do the taxes and then deal with that if it comes up.

I saw this previous question, but it only got one answer, and I'm hoping the hive mind has more to give on this subject.

Can you recommend a reliable, certified accountant who knows the ins and outs of tax law in Philly?
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That other question's response directed you to a site listing CPA's. Go to that site and start callng the people listed there.
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Response by poster: Knowing that there are plenty of people living in Philadelphia on Metafilter, I was hoping someone would have personal experience with a good accountant or firm.
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I have asked this same question--also on as a self-employed person dealing with the bullshit city tax situation--on a few Philly-specific sites and gotten no replies. I am baffled. Apparently there are no CPAs in Philly worth recommending....
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Best answer: I just had my taxes done for the first time (I had always done them myself) because I got married this year and my husband is not a US Citizen and had foreign income. A friend recommended Meltzer & Meltzer in Elkins Park - which is right on the Philly border. (We live and work in Philadelphia.) We met with Dafna Meltzer, who was wonderful and very knowledgeable. Her office is in the basement of a big condo building (which is kind of weird), but everything else about the experience was great. She even made few recommendations that resulted us getting a larger refund than we expected. It took less than a week for us to receive our completed returns.
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