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Looking for a Massachusetts (or NH) garden supply for plants

Every year I am frustrated with the limited supply of vegetable plants available. I have a fairly small garden and if I buy six packs I am so limited by how much variety I can fit in. I would love to find a greenhouse that has a fair amount of variety and produces their own plants. They don't have to be bargain prices and I would drive pretty much anywhere within New England. I don't need exotic heritage plants but also wouldn't mind some. Anybody have a good garden supply/farm?
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My family generally buys seeds for veggies - this gives you a much wider variety than most garden places. It also gives you the fun of choosing seeds in the middle of the winter and then having lots of germinating plants in the early spring.

That said, I will give my parents a call later today and find out their favorite garden/plant nursery places in the Pioneer Valley region.
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You could try your local farmer's market, some farmers sell excess plants in the spring and early summer. I've had great luck with them in the past.
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Russell's Garden Center is on Rt. 20 in Wayland, MA, just west of the I90 / I95 interchange. It's vast.
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Wilson Farm in Lexington
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I live within walking distance of Wilson Farm and it's pretty awesome. That said, we go to the Mahoney's in Winchester which is enormous and cheaper. Caveat: their seedlings are not displayed separately from the commercial ones, so it's harder to pick stuff out.
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Andrew's Greenhouse in Amherst, MA. They have an incredible variety of veggies and herbs. I'm not sure, however, what they offer as single plants as opposed to six-packs. You'd have to call 'em.
I'd be surprised, though, if you'd have to come all the way out to the Pioneer Valley. I'm eager to hear other suggestions.
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My parents, who are avid gardeners (though not of vegetables), have always gone to Lake Street Garden Center in Salem, MA. I can't speak to the variety of their vegetable plants, but their annuals & perennials are top quality and gorgeous. I imagine they are just as skilled with their fruits, veggies & herbs.

Something else you might enjoy as you plan your garden is the annual Boston Flower & Garden Show at the end of March. Not only are there loads of beautifully landscaped garden displays, but also a giant vendor area full of garden centers from all over New England. I don't think you could buy your plants at the show, but you might be able to get a better idea of which shops are going to have what you're looking for. Plus, it's just so nice to be there in the throes of dreary winter!
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Parents thoughts:
1. Yes, get seeds.
2. Farmers' markets
3. Mahoney's is pretty huge
4. Andrew's greenhouse is fine too

So, nothing new to offer, just agreement with previous ideas.
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