Need cheap moving alternative in Brooklyn
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Moving truck rentals in Brooklyn area?

I live in Greenpoint in north Brooklyn and I have to move on Sunday. I’m moving within the neighborhood but it’s far enough away that I need a truck (I have a double mattress and box spring, dresser, boxes, smaller storage furniture). None of the Uhaul or Budget truck places within public transit convenience have anything available for Sunday. I had to wait last minute because I was not able to secure a room until yesterday, and I’m scared I might be screwed.

What are my CHEAPEST alternatives? I emphasize cheapest because I know I could try to hire movers with their own truck or get a van from a car rental company, but those are getting expensive for me (I was ok with the $30 I would’ve had to spend on a Uhaul, but I really don’t want to spend much more—I have very little money).

Two things:
I don’t have a friend with an available car, so that’s a no-go.
I HAVE to move Sunday, no earlier, no later.

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Email your friends and see if anyone has a Zipcar membership they'd be willing to let you borrow. If none of them do, email me (my email's in my profile).
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I've used C & C Rentals for a couple years now; they usually have last-minute availability in a small truck or cargo van, too. It's over the west side of Manhattan - 37th street, I think - so the picking up and returning isn't as convenient as you'd like, but it's just a few blocks from the A/C/E.
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CityMove is good for finding movers, I have used them several times.
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Response by poster: I should probably reemphasize the cheap factor in all of this. I was originally going to be able to keep it around $30. I really can't spend more than $50 or so. Looking at C&C and CityMove, it seems they have no options under $80, and what I actually need is way more than that. Thanks anyway! And I may look into messaging you ocherdraco, as I'm pretty sure I don't have any buds with zipcar memberships.

Please, though, more suggestions!
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Response by poster: Yeah, I discovered that unfortunately, what the website says and what the people say when you call is wildly different. (I call because in the past I've been screwed by making online reservations and having no truck when I show up).
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You could post on craigslist asking for someone with a car or van to help you out and offer to give them pizza & good conversation.
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