Computer desk that looks like "normal" furniture?
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A computer desk that isn't...does it exist?

I just bought an imac g5, and part of the reason was the all in one design, no tower. I don't want it in an office, I want it in the main living area.

So I don't want the typical computer desk with the space for a tower and the pull out keyboard section. Does anyone make desks that are made to look like normal furniture?

Or is there something not meant as a computer desk but works as well? I want something that will blend in with a normal living space.
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I'm a bit of a Skandia junkie lately.
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The Alve Cabinet-Desk at IKEA looks like it might be what you are looking for.
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Hergo Computer Furniture



I know I've seen more Mac-specific furniture-that-is-not-furniture, but that's all I could find at present.
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What about one of those small laptop tables? Sorry I can't be more specific; I know they exist but don't recall where I've seen them.
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Thanks for the links everyone, much more than I expected. I have lots of ideas now.
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I had great joy with a couple of dining room tables from Ikea. Big, flat and cheap.
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I second fandango. Also hell of a lot easier to move than your average computer desk.
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Does anyone make desks that are made to look like normal furniture?

Are desks not normal furniture? I guess I'm not understanding the question. If you don't want a computer-specific desk, then can't you just pick from the myriad of non-computer-specific desks out there?

Personally I picked up a desk from one of those office supply superstores. It's not very well made but it looks decently enough in my living room.
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If you're going to buy a new desk, I'd suggest measuring the height of your horizontal arms while sitting and make sure that the desk is that high. I had a desk made for my frame and chair and it makes a massive difference.
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We used to use a computer corner cabinet. Slide out keyboard drawer, and shelves for monitor and printer. It made sense since the computer was in our living/ room/dining room and this cabinet looked like a piece of furniture. It was fine for checking email and web stuff, but not really useful as a desk. When we remodeled our house we converted on of the bedrooms into a office, and we got the Ikea Alve desk and table mentioned above. The desk looks like, well, a desk. My wife works from home so she likes the Alve table since shes sort of a spreader-outer.
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I got my Mom what looks like a small, simple table or writing desk from Staples. It has a drawer that can also be used as a keyboard tray, as the face of the drawer with the handle folds down. Chipboard and veneer, but reasonably well-constructed, nice-looking (pickled oak w/ cherry top) and about $100 or less. It really looks like something that belongs in a living room or den.
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I use a glass-topped metal desk/work table that I get a lot of compliments on. It's sturdy, yet sleek. No drawers except for a slide-out keyboard drawer. I got it at A.I. Friedman here in NY, but I think in general what you're looking for can be found at art supply stores that also sell furniture- think drafting desk.
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I use a wooden, old-fashioned chabby-chic-ish writing table-type thing. Very narrow, a few nice small drawers, looks cute in the living room even with the big monitor on it. I got it used on Craig's List. Just look for desks that don't include the word "computer" in the description.
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If you like fandango_matt's desk, you'll probably *love* the used steelcase desks at your local used furniture store, usually on sale for under $50 each! :-D

I know I have 3 and I'd be lost without them. Oh yeah.
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Here in Austin, the state gov't sells retired office furniture at great prices to the public. The store is a huge room filled with steelcase desks, filing cabinets of every size, and chairs.
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I am an IT consultant and my girl is a network admin. I had a steel and glass desk that i kept in a corner of my living room for a few years, complete with giant monitor, printer, etc. When my work changed somewhat and I didn't have to be on the computer as much (also I was seeking a lifestyle change that focused on getting away from my computer), I started thinking about other options. Then my big monitor died and I had the excuse I needed. I gave the desk and chair to a neighbor as a thank-you gift for a favor, retired the desktop and bought a laptop.

Now I do most of my work from my comfortable couch, with my feet on the coffee table and my dog curled up at my side. Optical mouse works great on the couch cushion. I spread out any papers I'm working with onto the coffee table, but at the end of the workday they get cleaned up. My attractive (World Market) coffee table, console table and end tables have small drawers that hold office supplies and computer odds and ends. A black (Wal-Mart) 2-drawer filing cabinet hides away behind the couch. The printer lives on top of the filing cabinet along with my print server device, wireless router and cable modem. An attractive (Hobby Lobby) trunk near the TV holds a spare lcd monitor, cables and peripherals in it for when my girl needs to work on a desktop machine from home. For backup/storage, I lifted the 200GB drive from my desktop and put it in an external usb case, which hides beside the couch next to my surge protector.

When I'm not using the laptop, it goes into one of the coffee table drawers. Whenever I clean up my living room, it's warm, comfortable and computer-free.
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