Make my penis shorter!
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My penis is a fraction too long for sex ... help me jury-rig a solution in the tradition of There I Fixed It.

So when I have butt sex with my new guy, my penis is going a bit too deep for him. This means that each time I thrust, I have to stop half an inch before I'm fully in. This is a bit counter-intuitive, as your body generally wants to thrust as deeply as it can.

Is there some kludge whereby longer-endowed guys tie a (large cockring? rolled up handkerchief? what?) around the base of their penis to allow them to thrust all the way into a vagina/anus without their penis going too deep?
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Cock ring.
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I have this problem and have not found a good solution. I think the reason is that part of the thrust as deeply as you can also means having the hips, top of thigh and lower abdomen hitting as well.
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Clearly the solution is for him to have a bigger ass. I vote silicone butt implants.

Okay maybe not.

Can you alter your positions to accomplish this? A different angle that allows for shallower penetration could be enough if this is just a fraction of an inch causing the problem. If not, perhaps a small/thin throw pillow in front of your thighs. Like you said, the impulse (and part of the fun, at least sometimes) is aggressive thrusting. Something like that would allow you to just follow your instincts while still shortening your possible depth.

Something tied around the base of your cock would seem to me to potentially just cause a different kind of unpleasant sensation, at least if it was something like a handkerchief.
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People here will have a lot of good suggestions I am sure but you might also want to try this question [or just browse] the Large Penis Support Group's website. It's a little porny in places but there's decent advice there too.
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Thick metal stainless steel cockring - which is not only functional but pretty hot (in my opinion). I - or to be more accurate, my guy -- has a leather jock that would provide the same function; it has snaps on the front which you can take off and just have the cock held like a cock ring but without the freedom of motion that would allow you to thrust too deep -- without ripping your balls off, which is usually pretty good motivation.

Or there's the old fashion way of having him get on top and riding you so he's getting exactly the right amount of thrusting he can take and feels good for him. But some bottoms either don't like that position (they're missing out) or are too lazy (they suck)
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They make these donut-looking things that fit around the base of your penis and create a barrier which only lets you push so far. I'm googling rather unsuccessfully at the moment, but if I find anything I'll post a link.
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Something like this? It's hard to tell because there are no dimensions listed here. If you ask at a sex shop, they should know exactly what you're talking about.
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Have him lay completely flat on his stomach.This way, you will be pushing through his cheeks as well. Might make up the extra inch.
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You might consider slowing down. You don't have to start in with the full-on thrusting right away. Take a good bit of time with longer, slower motions in and out to allow him to get more comfortable. Allow him to let you know when to go deeper, when to speed up, and so on. Tease him into wanting more.

With adequate lube and lots of patience, he should be able to accommodate your large member. In other words, getting there is (more than) half the fun.
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Yes, I can't speak to the linkssince I'm at work, but it sounds like the kind of thing I meant when I said "thick metal stainless steel cockring" which, come to think about it, is somewhat a misnomer as what I'm imagining from my toy chest wouldn't really work as a cockring because your balls wouldn't fit in there and it's not pliable enough to wrap around your sack anyway. But I can recommend the donut/thing I meantmade out of the right material, it actually will do the job AND the sensation can be pleasurable for both parties.
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You could get one of those crazy vibrating cock rings (NSFW, duh, it's funny because it's filed under "personal ear care"), and you could turn it upside down so the bunny tickles your partner's perineum.
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Is your partner new at bottoming? There's a learning curve, etc. Have you experimented with lubes? KY doesn't always cut it.
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Find one of those thick blankets the moving companies use. Cut a couple of 3" diameter discs from it. Cut a hole of the correct size in the center. Slip them on. Thrust away. The thickness is adjustable by simply adding more discs.

If they come loose a harness can be jury-rigged. Care in cutting the central hole is a substitute for that.
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