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Was there a Portishead remix of DJ Shadow's Midnight in a Perfect World?

I only ask because Midnight keeps appearing in LimeWire searches for Portishead, and (portishead remix) in searches for Midnight. But on download they all sound identical to the album version from Endtroducing.... and there's no mention of Portishead in the liner notes.

What gives?
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No. Portishead has remixed U.N.K.L.E., however.
posted by Jairus at 7:01 PM on February 2, 2005

After a little digging on Discogs, here are all the known remixes of MiaPW:

LP Version
Gab Mix
J.S. Edit
Radio Version
Extended Version

The Portishead listing also contains no mention of Shadow.
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Is there a website that lists commonly misnamed mp3s, along with the real titles?
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Squid, perhaps MusicBrainz is at least in the general area of what you're looking for.
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Not much help, but I'm pretty certain a whille ago I did have 2 mp3s of this song. One the album version and another a remix. I don't remember who the remix was by unfortunately, but I'm pretty sure it was by some other artist, and it certainly could have been Portishead.
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