Balding bride seeks subtle white hat.
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Balding bride seeks subtle white hat. Do you know where I can find one?

So I'm getting married in two months. Yay! I am also rapidly losing my hair to alopecia areata. Two months ago, I had planned on hiding my tiny tonsure under the veil, but the rapid spreading has made this no longer an option. It actually looks almost exactly like this picture I just found, except it's full in the front.

On a daily basis I wear cloches. Alas, I cannot find one in white. This is close and might work, but I am reluctant to buy something I can't try on or return. This is cute but I'm pretty sure an ivory hat would look bad with a white dress.

Do you know of anywhere in Cleveland area (or on the Internet with decent return shipping prices) one can find a classy white hat without spending $100? Wedding shops seem to be offering translucent veils or cost-prohibitive hats. Wigs are not an option for financial reasons. The color scheme is purples and silver.

Thank you.
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Just by the way, the hat on the eBay link you included can be returned within seven days.
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Best answer: This site has a number of white hats for well under $100. I don't think there's a way to link to individual hats, but they seem to have cloches and pillboxes and a number of different shapes in white. Not sure they'll be to your taste, though. They are the kind of hats black women wear to church if you're familiar with that style. If I were you I'd probably buy one in a shape I liked, rip off some of the frou-frou trim, and retrim it in my own style. It won't take long or cost much to buy, say, ribbons or silk flowers in your wedding colours, and you'll still be under budget.
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Would a much heavier veil be an option? Something made from fabric with a border of lace around the edges? Something like this with a slightly heavier main fabric? Something like the first two on this page with a layer of white fabric underneath would hide a lot. The front could just be folded back for the reception. If you google Mantilla Veil you'll see a lot of images.

Have you thought of just lining your veil? If you have a tiara or band of flowers in the front, and then a layer of light white fabric under a few layers of tulle it may not be noticeable. Of course you will have to experiment, but some of those poofy veils can really hide a lot.
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On reading what Orange Swan said: The Spring Cloche on that site is really cute!
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That ebay hat you linked is adorable. I love brides in hats!
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Best answer: Do you have a Ross or TJ Maxx or something like that near you? I'm addicted to hats, and often find them there. Now that spring is coming (HA!) I bet they have white ones for Easter.
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Best answer: What about Etsy? They have a vintage selection, or various handmade items. Or, you could always post an alchemy request and ask someone to make something custom for you.
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omg best hat
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All of those are on Etsy, by the way. I found them by doing this search for "white hat" and filtering for "weddings." There are many more where those came from.
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would something like this hat (but in white) work?
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Or this one (also from etsy, but with a return policy).
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A silk adjustable cloche in white or purple.
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Response by poster: Great ideas! So cute! This one from Orange Swan's link might be perfect! The beading even almost matches my dress. I'm going to try a mall run before committing to the site's strict return policy. he pillbox would work today, but I might lose more hair before the wedding. Unfortunately, most of the lace or knit things have holes where I need coverage; maybe that could be remedied with some brown eye shadow. Thank you!
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A friend of mine had a student in a local theatre costuming program make her a white satin beaded cloche for her wedding. If none of the above solutions work, you could try that.
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If you really like one of the lacy ones, you could easily have someone put a lining in.
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Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

Since you mentioned using shadow, I wonder if you've seen this or similar products. Maybe that IS just brown eyeshadow packaged in a different way. I saw it while flipping channels the other day and was intrigued.
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Response by poster: A friend found me this through the links on the National Alopecia Areata Foundation website!
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