Help me scare people with my logo.
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How did they animate abstract electronic-looking production company/tv show logos like this one in the 60's and 70's, and how can I best replicate the effect?

I'm working on a series of short films that are meant to look like 60's and 70's public education films. I want to create an original production company logo in the style of those creepy, abstract logos that were common back then. I have access to flash and Aftereffects but I don't have any training in using them. I also have access to Final Cut Pro, which I am fairly fluent in. I'd be grateful for any tips!

Other examples of the kind of logo I'm talking about:
Protect and Survive (end of video)
1965 Screen Gems logo
Introvision/Alpha Video logos
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Oh, also there was a fairly recent post with some pretty good reference links.
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It would be extremely easy to do that in Flash.
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See also, and also.
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Scanimate is more like late 70s stuff to me, the OPs reference points are just traditional animation. If you know FCP, you could probably bang something out in flash in a week or two, but you'd need some kind of concept really. I'd look online for examples of 60s/70s Swiss inspired minimalist design, the peak of the Helvetica years. I feel like in the UK, public service type commercials/branding were much more Swiss type and stark than the same type of thing in America.

I trust you've seen Look Around You (the first series)? It's practically the same idea.
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I have seen Look Around You and enjoyed it a great deal. My project will be a bit different, as it takes itself completely seriously while revolving around really weird and absurd concepts.

Thanks for the info on Scanimate, it's interesting stuff. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to use one of those systems as they're extremely rare. I've never used Flash before, but I will give it a try. I want to be very careful that it looks more like traditional animation though. Will it be difficult to create a flash animation that doesn't look like it was made in flash?
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A flash looks like whatever you make it look like. There isn't any inherent "flash" look. (This is an example of flash at its best. But that artist is really really good.)

Unfortunately, Flash has a pretty steep learning curve. If you haven't ever used it before, it wouldn't be easy for you to do this. In the hands of an experience user, though, it would be very easy.
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Just an update in case anyone happens to see this question in the future. I spent the past few months learning the basics of Flash and I've just completed my logo animation! You can see it on youtube here:

Thanks for the help, guys! Any feedback on the logo would be appreciated, too.
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