Need Adult ADD+Depression counselor in Portland, OR
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[Portland, Oregon Therapist Filter] Asking for a friend. Need to find a strong male therapist for a deeply depressed friend who finally admitted today that he needs help. More after the jump.

My friend seems more amenable to counseling to address possible adult ADD, but understands his depression will come up. He has dealt with it for years but doesn't believe in therapists and likes to think he's strong enough to tough it out, just as he expects of others. He has finally hit a wall. It's threatening his family and possibly his life.

He is a big, strong "man's man" who is very smart and has little patience for people who cannot hold their own in heated debate. He needs an intelligent, mature male figure for whom he can develop a deep respect and, hopefully, a lasting relationship. I need a couple of names to start with. The dream guy would have an office within 20 minutes of Lake Oswego and accept Blue Cross. (If you have a female recommendation who'd fit the bill, by all means do share).
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