Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?
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Where is the best place to buy seeds online? Your favorite shops or retailers appreciated! Amazon has been not too helpful and a bit overwhelming.

I am putting together an herb garden in my backyard this summer. I have the space, sun, and the energy to do this- now I just need the plants!

I will be planting things like lemon balm, sage, french tarragon, lavender, chives, etc. I am looking for a great online resource to buy my seeds from (I am aware buying them from a local store would be best but for my situation I need to buy them online). I really want high quality seeds.

If it's a store that does regions, I am in the Intermountain West, near Salt Lake City.

I would like to receive the seeds in the next couple weeks so I can start germinating them soon.

If anyone has a great recommendation I would appreciate it. General "herb garden construction" advice is also welcome!
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The Cook's Garden.
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Best answer: High Country Gardens specializes in pre-planned gardens for high mountain deserts.
Plants of the Southwest has a larger selection of herbs, and many native plants.
Both of these are really inspiring for a desert gardener!
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Burpee, Territorial, Gurneys, Heirloom...
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Seeds of Change is a great resource for organic heirloom seeds.
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Best answer: Seed Savers Exchange for the best selection of heirloom varieties.
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Baker Creek has 1400 heirloom varieties.
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Shumway Seeds.
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Best answer: Johnny's Selected Seeds, employee owned, based in Winslow, ME.
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Burpee, Seeds of Change, Johnny's, Park Seed, Thompson & Morgan.
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I worked at Johnny's once -- outstanding place.
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You can't go wrong with Johnny's. We just started a bunch of stuff last week and our onions and broccoli are already sprouting.
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Another vote for Seed Savers Exchange. Lots of interesting stuff there, and you're also helping to preserve rare and endangered varieties of produce.
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I had no idea there were so many good choices for seeds. I've used Victory in the past. As a bonus you can order their old time candy in the same order.
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I will confess that I have not ordered from Artistic Gardens yet, but I'm about to. Their distinguishing characteristic is that they sell 35-cent mini-packets of seeds, which is great for the home gardener who wants a variety of plants rather than a 30-foot row of carrots.
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Richter's is the mecca of herbs in Canada. It may be too late to buy seeds from across the border this year (due to usually early sowing dates for many herb seeds), however, you may want to get a catalogue for next year. They also sell plugs and plants and ship to the US.

FYI, french tarragon needs to be propagated from cuttings. Any tarragon seeds you get will likely be for Russian tarragon.
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Best answer: Another vote for Johnny's. Also, if you have a food co-op nearby, check with them. Sometimes they have seeds; we bought some from our co-op, and although there wasn't a lot of variety in what they offered, the seeds were really well priced.

RE: herb garden setup, here's an article on the topic: Use One of These 4 Simple Garden Designs to Grow the 12 Best Kitchen Herbs.
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Johnny's is terrific as are others mentioned above, but don't forget Fedco!
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Response by poster: So many helpful resources! I went ahead and ordered from the Seed Savers exchange and a whole bunch of seeds are headed my way. I will keep Johnny's in mind for veggie seeds when I plan that garden later this month.

Thanks everyone.

Kathy- thanks for the tarragon advice. And cognate thanks so much for the link, I am loving that and the different designs are really fun to think about.
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