Clubbing in NYC
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NYCFilter: A friend is in town for a few days from Belarus. She's gorgeous - statuesque White Russian ex-model - and wants to go dancing at a proper NYC club this Friday.

Any suggestions where I should take her? Slipping the doorman $20 isn't a problem, if that's how it's done - I wouldn't know.
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I don't know a good place, but I do know that a "hot Russian chick" is better at the door than a $20.
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I hear Marque (10th Ave near 26th St) is very hot.
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Marquee and Spirit are megaclubs--very bridge-and-tunnel tho.

there's a new 90s themed place: Nerveana, in Tribeca (Michael Musto likes it, but who knows)
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But I think overpriced tourist trap megaclubs playing generic Ibiza trance are what she has in mind when asking for a "proper NYC nightclub." And if not, don't sweat it; if she really knows the difference, she'll know how to find her own party.
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Edinburgh , Scotland .
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The Hudson on 58th and 9th?
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HELL in the Meatpacking District. And you can go across the street to Florent for breakfast before you taxi home and collapse.
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smackfu is right, if she is that gorgeous you can keep your $20. One smile will open the rope just about anywhere.
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Hell is small tho, and you can't show off. I'd recommend it only for a pre-club drink.
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"90s themed"? So, sort of aimless with cookie-cutter pop music and no style?
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BLVD / Crash Mansion (sort of a weird 2 clubs in one thing) is pretty popular these days. Two dancefloors, Popular Jams, lots of bad dancing. It's on the Bowery just south of Houston. I'd stick in Chelsea where the cool kids are -- Ruby Falls, Marquee, etc. The Meatpacking district has Bungalo 8, and other "lounges," but the going-out snobs have decided that the area is over, so ymmv.
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