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Where can I find the hanging mobile of paper cherry blossoms that Scarlett Johansson hangs up in Lost in Translation?

Here's a video with a brief clip:


I've scoured the internet to no avail. It looks like something I could make if need be, but I like owning things that are "from" movies (my prized posession is Jacques Cousteau's Diving For Sunken Treasure from the movie Rushmore).

Has anyone ever seen something similar to this sold in Japan? I imagine these types of things are plentiful during Hanami but I haven't found anything even close. I'd like to be able to order it online, if possible. Or if a nice mefite in Japan knows where to get one, I'd be happy to pay for shipping. I'll be mighty grateful to anyone who finds it!

Thanks in advance!
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Watching that video closely a few times, it looks very handmade. And in this case, I think that is a good thing because products like that usually don't hang around long. The good news is cherry blossoms are pretty common in crafts.

Depending on your level of craftiness:
You could try something like this or something like this,

Or buy the flowers and make the rest,

Or have someone on Etsy make it for you and give the video as a reference!

The core of the thing appears to be pipe cleaners and any old teardrop-shaped anonymous potentially-swivelling thing. Definitely within the craft-level of a middle-schooler with a glue gun.
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I also think it's handmade. If it helps it looks to be groups of three flower blossoms at regular intervals along the arch of the pliable metal with all of the 'stems' culminating back at the base.
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+1 hand made. The flower shapes look easy to cut. The branches can be done from wire, but my bet is there are faux branches out there that you can buy. Then you just have to worry about the base. Any competent crafts store could point you in a good direction for the pieces you'll need. Attach the cut-out flower shapes to the wires by poking the wire through the center of the flower shape & dabbing a bit of glue on it.

Reminds me of the work of floral designer Eve Suter. If you're in New York, try to attend one of her classes, she does amazing things with simple tools.
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Previously. I also suspect that they're hand-crafted.
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys! I guess I just assumed she'd "purchased" it since she was on vacation, and yes, I know movies aren't real life :) It looked like something you might buy in some sort of "collapsed" form that you pull apart? That's what I was hoping, anyway.

Looks like I'm just going to have to get a little crafty!
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