Where can I get a breadmaker that makes small loaves?
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Where can I get a breadmaker that makes small loaves?

I want a breadmaker because I like fresh bread. The reason why I want small loaves is that I don't want to eat one pound of fresh bread, neither do I want to eat it cold. Ideally I'd prepare a small quantity every morning, just enough for two people. I've been trying to find a breadmaker that makes loaves under one pound. The only one I could find was "West Bend 41077", which seems to have been recalled and unavailable at the moment. Are there other options?
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Perhaps not a breadmaker, but a book? Their no-knead recipes are designed around the idea of fresh daily bread as the doughs usually have a 1-2 week shelf life in the fridge. The recipes are typically 1 lb loaves before baking but since it's a recipe, not a machine, there is no reason you have to stick to that. You do actually have to do baking though.
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I swear I've seen these, but can't remember where. Maybe America's Test Kitchen, or one of their magazines?

But yeah, a more elegant solution might be to whip up a batch of dough once a week and buy tiny bread pans and divide the batch up, and just pop one into the oven each morning. Probably the same amount of work if you figure in what it takes to load up and clean a breadmaker every. single. day.
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I used to own that West Bend model, which made sub-1 lb. ("dinner-sized") bread loaves. Only model I could find after some research which did such a small size, although that's been a few years and perhaps there are others. It was easy, basic, handy, and made good (to me) bread, although gourmet bread consumers might turn up their collective noses at it. Unfortunately, I recycled the machine when I upgraded to a full-sized bread-maker.

If you're sufficiently interested, and not put off by eBay, the recall, or the lack of a box, the West Bend is available as a Buy It Now sale on eBay for $80.00 plus shipping. "Just for Dinner" is the magic phrase.
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Seconding that all you need is your oven. You can make a big batch of dough and lop off pieces to make fresh bread every day if you want, and the no-knead recipes that have recently been all over the place are terrific.
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I have this breadmaker, and it's pretty decent. I bought mine used, and since Amazon looks to be out, maybe you could find one on Ebay? The only downside to this breadmaker is that the rapid rise/bake time means you use a lot more yeast than usual. In some recipes you can taste it, but in other recipes it's unnoticeable. They have specific recipes geared for this bread machine. If you end up getting one and it comes without the recipes, memail me and I'll scan and e-mail you mine.

Personally, though, I haven't used that bread machine much since I got the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day book. I like the flavor of that bread much better (and it takes pretty much the same amount of time if you make the dough in advance and keep it in your refrigerator).
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Sorry, I just realized that my bread maker is the one you listed. I had no idea it was recalled! It's decent, though.
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