Best airline sky club/lounge at JFK?
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What airline has the best sky club/lounge at JFK?

I have a 6-hour layover at JFK next week, which isn't really enough time to get into Manhattan and back, so I figured I'd just buy a day pass to a sky club and watch cartoons on my laptop.

Which one should I hit?
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I can recommend the Emirates lounge, but I don't know if they do day passes or not.
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What airline are you travelling on? How much carry-on are you going to have? International or domestic?

I ask simply because then we can check the estimated time for security situations, which you'll need to take into account.
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Unless gottabefunky is leaving the terminal, security situation won't be an issue since it is a layover (not a departure).
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Response by poster: I'm traveling on Delta.
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Response by poster: Going from Portland to Israel.
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Depending on the terminal, you'll only have a couple choices anyway. Making your way between terminals at JFK can be a pain in the ass (although I suppose you may be doing so for your connection anyway).
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nitsuj: the the question of day pass to a sky club implies a change of terminal, unless the pass is to the Delta SkyClub.

It's $50 for the day, can be ordered online.

You'll be, it appears, in Terminal 3. There are two Delta SkyClubs in there, both with T-Mobile HotSpots, showers, and a full-service bar.
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The Delta clubs at JFK are nice. Quiet, soft light, free snacks food and soft drinks, comfortable chairs. The rest of the terminal is grim. (Not at all like JetBlue's terminal.) $50 for six hours is worth it -- but make sure you are getting six hours, as the opening and closing times are eccentric.
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(If you happen to have a Platinum American Express card, you can get free access to certain airport lounges, including Delta's.)
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