Reliable proxy operators who will provide a US address for delivery, and then ship internationally?
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I'm considering ordering some relatively expensive gear online from the US, however the suppliers will only ship domestically. Being that I live in Australia, this is a problem. Does anyone know of some reliable proxy operators who will provide a US address for delivery, and then ship internationally? Is this worth the risk/expense?
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Membership has its privileges. I'm sure there are numerous MeFites who would be willing to serve as a proxy shipping-drop, myself included.
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I used to run the returns department for a large online merchant. I wish I could remember the name of the place that we discovered did this for users but I cannot. I can remember though that the shipping address was in Florida and that the users seemed happy with the results. Not sure how much it cost or anything else about it, just that it existed. Good luck.
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If it's any help, I'm looking for stuff from Australia. Maybe we can scratch each others' backs? I'm in Canada (BC). I can trust me... can I trust you? :-)
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I'm willing to be a proxy for anyone who wants something in Australia. Although god knows why you'd want something from this ass end of the world.
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Never used it, but it may be what you need:
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Now if only I could remember what it was I wanted from Australia. Something to do with my KLR 650...
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Just remember, it is important for the recipient to open the box and test the product for defects. You wouldn't want to ship it half way 'round the world for nothing.

What a great excuse to play with someone else's toys. I'm totally going to offer my services to everybody from now on!
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I'm going to try with a ZBoard keyboard and WoW keyset from I'm also in Australia. I'll post back as to how the initial stuff goes, but I'll be chosing the cheapest international shipping option, so I won't know if they're honest for 4-6 weeks ;)

Keep an eye on my weblog for updates.

At this stage I've applied for the basic service.
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Lots of stuff to drool over in Australia. All those exotic hardwoods (I know you guys just think it's good fire wood) and some of the faster Holdens (though not something we can bring over.)

I'm also in Canada but if anyone is in this boat let me know. I won't just reship the original package bacause we have to make a customs declaration but I tranship it for you in exchange for you offering the same service.
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Krisjohn, what server are you on? I know alot of mefites play the wow...

(I'm on Dethecus, lenina)
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Hmm, I thought I'd posted a reply...

I signed up a day or so ago and have my US address. I've made one order from Amazon, who made it two shipments if I wanted to ship it free. This will probably double my processing fee, but I should still be able to have the items turned into a single international shipment. I'll get them posted surface unless airmail is cheap enough or a surface/air-lift (economy air) option is available.

More info as it comes.

(Lizc: I'm on hiatus at the moment. My initial period ran out last Sunday. I'll be back on the weekend of the 12th.

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