International Affairs Jobs In Boston?
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Does Boston Have Jobs In Foreign Policy, International Security, And/Or International Development?

I am a freshly minted Ph.D. in international affairs with a major interest in international development. I am looking work in government, IGOs, NGOs, think-tanks, consulting groups etc... (i.e. not in academia). I am not very picky where.

I know NYC and DC both have strong foreign policy, international relations, public policy, and development communities, with many, many jobs in my areas of expertise.

I have already been offered a job in DC. However, I have my heart set on living in Boston. Does Boston have a big community of IGOs, NGOs, think-tanks, and consultants working in international affairs? Would there be any jobs in Boston in my field?
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Well, the Fletcher School of Lae and Diplomacy is at Tufts University. Maybe they can answer this question?
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My sense is that it's a fairly small market for these kinds of jobs, especially for FP or IS oriented jobs.

There are a fair number of ID oriented NGO's that have sprouted off of the academic institutions (e.g., Partners in Health, Physicians for Human Rights etc.), but the high supply of very well-educated candidates and the relatively small number of jobs makes it quite hard.

Good luck!
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Are you looking for NGO-international work generally or ones that want you with your PhD?
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John Snow Inc. (JSI) is in Boston. As is Oxfam America. As is the Boston Consulting Group. And BU's Center for Global Health and Development.

Abt Associates has an office in Cambridge (but I hear they may be consolidating in Bethesda soon).

Partners in Health (PIH) is also in Cambridge... along with many other similar organizations loosely affiliated with Harvard.

The Boston Network for International Development might be a good place to look. Or the MIT International Development Network.
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Oxfam America is also based in Boston.

I am also inclined to think that there is a much smaller market for this in Boston than in New York or DC. I was job-hunting for nonprofit work in both Boston and DC about a year ago, expecting Boston to be similar to DC in its options, and discovered that although there are lots of nonprofit jobs in Boston, most of them are focused on domestic health and education issues and/or are more oriented towards hand-on service than policy-making - sweeping generalizations here and obviously exceptions exist, but I think it's more or less accurate. I ended up applying for just a few Boston jobs (with Oxfam, Physicians for Human Rights, maybe something else?) but that went nowhere, so I ended up staying in DC (on the Hill rather than in nonprofits). However, I am moving to Boston this fall to attend the Fletcher School, so I'm very interested to see other answers to this question...
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Oops, someone already mentioned Oxfam. Like I said, not a ton of options.
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The Monitor Group (Cambridge) has group practices that focus on Government, as well as the Non Profit and Social Sector. The company also works closely with the social venture group New Profit, Inc. (which is located in Monitor's HQ building).
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Well, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy is at Tufts University. Maybe they can answer this question?

As well, you might want to consider The John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard as a potential resource.
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I feel you should always follow your heart. And if your heart
lies in Boston .. than you should find a job in Boston.

I took the liberty of researching couple of NGOs in the Boston
area and perhaps you can monitor them closely for job openings:

Boston Symphony Orchestra Inc:
Boston Children's Museum:
boston ma non profit organization:
Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center:
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum:
Huntington Avenue YMCA:
Boston By Foot, Inc:
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum:
Artists For Humanity:
Boston Architectural College:
Greater Boston Food Bank:
Free Software Foundation:

Hope it helps.

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