How do I get ready for "getting cut"?
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What kind of preparations can I make for the post operative effects of circumcision?

Essentially, I'm twenty, and being circumcised tomorrow. I've read several posts on the subject but most of them seem to focus on the necessity/advantages of the operation rather than its real physical effects. My health provider (probably because they've rescheduled me twice) hasn't been forthcoming with a lot of information about the operation.

Should I buy over-the-counter painkillers? NSAIDs? Anti-inflammatories? How long should I plan on being absent? I've Googled and read some of the literature on the subject but I'm failing to find anything cohesive.
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Perhaps this will help: Care After Your Circumcision
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Also: Circumcision After-care from the Circumcision Centre.
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Thanks for asking this, our son may have to go through it as well. Best of luck for a speedy recovery!
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Just a question back, if they haven't been forthcoming, why are you going to them? Perhaps find a new surgeon.

I would say NSAIDS and maybe some gauze? Just going off of the fact that my infant son had gauze for a day.
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I'm not sure what your question is. You must know that your surgeon will provide you with the necessary instructions as well as the required painkillers.

Anyways, I was cut at the age of 22. I recall extreme pain right after the operation which then quickly subsided. You are up and walking about almost immediately although the entire area around your groin is covered with big heavy bandages. They leave the tip uncovered of course so you can pee but otherwise you wont be able to see the results of the operation for a few days at least. If anything, your penis will feel enormous because of the bandages and the swelling. It will also be bloody but this is normal. It needs to heal. The bandages will soak up the blood though.

The bandages should start falling off by themselves. They will probably ask you to come in so they can start removing the dressing. Please do not add more gauze or bandages yourself! Follow the doctor's instructions.

If you're wondering about (involuntary) erections, well yes its best to avoid them but when they do happen the tightness of the bandages quickly fixes that issue. Its not a big deal. It happened a few times for me.

When the bandages are falling off, as I mentioned, the whole area will still be swollen. You might be convinced they messed things up. But, after a few weeks it all becomes as normal as can be.

Anyways, hope that helps. But again, I repeat: Take your doctor's advice not mine or anybody else's here.
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Not advice, just a data point. I think the info in ocherdraco's second link is really on point. You really don't have to be absent at all, you don't need pain killers, don't take massive amounts of Aspirin, just take it easy, it's going to be uncomfortable (sit at home and do nothing, it's still going to hurt). Avoid strenuous activities, obviously. Things like your penis rubbing up against your boxers is going to hurt like a bitch; wear briefs (not too tight) so as to restrict movement; change the dressing as instructed; buy some Vaseline so none of your bandages stick to the fabric you are wearing.
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