Need help w/my win7 htpc build please.
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Have an IR Tranceiver that worked great under Win7 RC Build 7100 but is now not transmitting at all under the release version (home premium.)

The receiver is a bit intermittent, as well, possibly. BTW, I'm completely updated via MS Update.

Win7 x64 build 7100 - has worked well with the windows 'ehome IR Transceiver' stuff well for a year and a half or more, although it's been bugging out the last couple of months... Win7 7100 is going away Mar. 1st. Well, technically it'll just reboot every 2 hrs., but same thing.

Win7 x64 Release version is good except for just one thing. The IR transmitter isn't working. No changing channels for me in WMC. I don't even see it try to change channels on the cable box. Nothing.

I'm hoping someone has run into this problem and is generous enough to share.
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I can't say without knowing your exact setup, but two things may be of use.

First, if you have a digital camera or web cam or other video camera, you can point the IR Transmitter at it and see if flashes when it's supposed to be transmitting. That way you can at least test to see if it's trying to work - perhaps it's transmitting, but sending the incorrect code? Either way, it's a good troubleshooting method.

The other thing to give a try is EventGhost. I can't say if it'll solve your problem, but it certainly has a good set of tools for working with IR remotes and Windows. Works under Windows 7, but I do have to run it with Administrator privileges.
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Response by poster: Thanks a lot, Elvis. I failed to mention that the transceiver's led was blinking ok.

Well after a few days and installing every update/driver/firmware imaginable, I got the receiver stable, but then the problem w/the transmitter :(

I finally succumbed to the unfortunate task of going through TV Signal setup for the umpteenth time w/in WMC. I was actually amazed that my xmitter started blinking after doing so. So, for once I was actually happy in having to go through the channel list (umpteenth time) and removing HSN, Jewlrey TV, The Word, sports sports sports et al, ad nauseum...

Thanks for your time.
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