What else can I make with a spam musubi press other then the obvious?
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I've got a spam musubi press, but I don't want to eat more processed meat. What else can I make that would fit the mold? (pun intended)
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Popular substitutes in Hawaii include fish, chicken, egg (scrambled and cut to fit) and hot dogs (cut in half lengthwise and doubled up). The musubi press itself is really just to shape the rice, so you could slap on just about anything vaguely slice-shaped afterwards and wrap it with nori. Or just go minimal, with a sprinkling of furikake and/or an umeboshi or three.
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I would think that reversing the order of things would really increase what you can do. Can you pack rice around a solid center or would it fall apart?
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yeah, it's mostly just to shape the rice.

A rolled omelet would be good.

Barbequed eel? You can buy it frozen and just reheat it.

Avocado. Salmon or flying fish roe. Furikake. Flaked cooked salmon or tuna. Raw fish. Anything that you think would go with rice!
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straight from the wikipedia entry you linked to:

Other variations include a musubi made with fried shrimp, chicken katsu, or pork cutlet instead of Spam.

My step brother loves this stuff, but i've never tried it.
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Best answer: Speaking from experience, you can put just about anything into the mold, but the shape is not ideal for things that flake apart, unless you're using the large sheets of nori to hold it together. The little strip around the middle just won't cut it if you're trying to pack in tuna.

If you're really hankering for some alternate rice/meat combinations, I'd say get your hands on an onigiri mold. The shape works a lot better for holding different ingredients, and they're cheap. The main problem with a Spam musubi mold is that it's mostly just good for Spam musubi, because of the shape. As you might imagine, not too many things in nature come in that shape.
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I stick a butterflied cooked chorizo in those! Mmmm...chorizomusubi.
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More from Hawai'i --
a layer of shredded salmon (or other kind of fish, if you're so inclined, but I think shredded works MUCH better than patties), or also teriyaki beef (but that might be harder to come by if you're not in Hawai'i).
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Here's a link to Spam Musubi recipes on the Japanese recipe site Cookpad It's all in Japanese, but there are lot of pictures you can use to get some ideas perhaps. I recommend trying Tulip rather than Spam--and the low salt version if possible--if you're going to stick with the processed meats.
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