Can you recommend a tattoo parlour in Quebec City?
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I'm looking for a good tattoo parlour in Quebec City. What places should I check out?

FWIW the design I have in mind is black ink, with somewhat fiddly fine lines, and is not particularly large. My French is okay, but Anglo-friendly would be a bonus.
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(Insert 'no personal experience, just internet gallery gawking' disclaimer)

Not where you asked, but Yann of Your Meat Is Mine in Montreal does some really, really fantastic work (especially with fine lines). You're lucky enough to live a lot closer than I do!
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Response by poster: wrok -- I love Yann's stuff! I may have to make the trip to Montreal someday.

I guess this question was a little narrow for ask.metafilter. If I glean any more information/recommendations I'll be sure to post them for future reference of QC-resident mefites.
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