What song is this?
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Help-Me-Find-a-Song-Filter: I heard this once on a CD compilation burned by someone I don't know. I think it's in waltz time. It's sung by a female, possibly Neko Case or someone who has a similar voice. It's a beautiful, haunting song in which the chorus asks a question like "how can I be mortal?" I don't think it's in these exact words but that is the gist.
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Christine Collister's cover of Richard Thompson's "How Will I Ever Be Simple Again?" perhaps? It's a slow and gorgeous waltz with a reasonably close match for the chorus. I don't think Collister and Case have voices that are that similar, but that is merely my opinion.
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How long ago was this? Are the music and vocals quiet or loud? Anything else about the song itself that you remember?
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Is it Maybe Sparrow by Neko Case? The way she sings "You didn't heed my warning" could line up with "How can I be mortal" if you weren't listening closely.
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(also, Maybe Sparrow is in 3/4 time, if my memory serves, and I'd call it haunting.)
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