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Anyone know where I can buy a nice new black skirt suit (it's time to update) that isn't paired with a cootie huging mini or pencil skirt?

I loathe pant suits and I've tried the old standbys Banana, Ann Taylor, JCrew and everything these days is for amazon women. Petites (my normal attire) are worse, everything is way above the need and ass-hugging. What's a 5 foot 3 petite with an hourglass and nice budunkadunk to do? Suggestions? I'm not adverse to spending money, I don’t want cheap, I just don’t want cheap looking or unflattering. I'm not 25 anymore.
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Talbots Petites?
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Have you looked at an upscale department store? Not only are those going to be more your speed, the sales ladies are very well versed in getting you just what you want. If you're willing to spend the money, I'd also go the extra length and get it tailored when you've picked the perfect suit. You'll probably find something really nice at Neiman Marcus.
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You might try the personal shoppers at Macy's- the service is free. I used them when I wanted a suit, and they found me just what I wanted.
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The straight skirts in Theory suits (Nordstrom's and Bloomingdales) tend to be a cut a little fulller, which is odd, since their pants are cut for no-hip pencil-thigh women. The same is true of Albert Nipon (Macy's and Nieman Marcus). I haven't seen anyone doing an a-line or pleated or full-skirt women's suit in a while. The ones I have are going on ten years old now and are Jones New York; Calvin Klein and Nipon.
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Banana Republic has a few skirts that aren't too pencily. They look short on the models, but then again, the models are like 6 feet tall:
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Ug - sorry - missed that Banana = Banana Republic.
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I'm 5'2" and CUUUUUURVY (butt + hips + tummy). What is currently called the "sleek suit skirt" at Banana is actually pretty A-line and works on me in the NON-petite sizing. Their petite skirts are a couple inches too short on me. I usually go down a size in the regular sizes from what I wear in petites, but that depends on the cut and where the skirt is meant to hit on the hip.

That being said, I know you said you didn't care for Banana, so I will nth the suggestions to try Theory or try the petites section at Nordstrom (the Caslon petite brand is one I recommend).
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The straight skirt is now fashionable. However, straight doesn't have to mean butt-hugging pegged or pencil. You may have better luck looking for 'suit separates' -- jackets and skirts and trousers designed to coordinate but sold separately. (handy for those who are different sizes top and bottom.)

I'm pretty curvy, and borderline petite/regular; and Jones Wear (at JCP, possibly others) fits me fine. The East 5th line may also be worth looking at -- and trying on! One of my favorite skirts looks icky on the hanger, but gorgeous on.

I've also had luck at Macy's, sometimes combining a jacket from Petites with a Regular skirt, or vice versa.
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Response by poster: All of this is highly appreciated.

Since I had a 20% off coupon I online ordered that Banana Rep sleek suit recommended (hell, it can always be returned and it wasn't one of the suits I had already tried on there), and now heading over to Talbots. Will also check out the standards suggested Macy's, Theory @ Nordstrom, and Lord and Taylor. I kind of get dizzy in those large department stores so I might save those for last. Thank you all for your guidance.

If anyone else has some inspiration I will definitely check it out. While I'm still unhappy with the extra 20 pounds (hey, that's ALOT for us short women) you got to dress the body you have now, right?

Thanks all, this turned an otherwise crappy chore to something a bit easier.
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Brooks Brothers?
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Yeah, Talbots petites are pretty awesome for short curvy girls like me (and you)! I feel like a bit of an old lady shopping there (I'm 27, and am usually the youngest person in the store) but the stuff is high-quality and their sales are fantastic. I love their pants, skirts, and jackets and find that they actually fit me without too much alteration, which is appreciated.
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