Graphic design tutorials?
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What is a good graphic design tutorial website similar to Before & After but free?

I came across B&A in another AskMe and really liked its content. Specifically, just from browsing the article previews I like that:

- tutorials are clean and simple
- targeted towards the non-professional/beginner
- focus on some theory, but also practical real life applications (brochures, cards, etc)
- not just focused on tools and tricks in Photoshop
- not overwhelming in content (like so many other design websites)

Maybe I just need to get over it and pay for the articles, but surely there are other sites out there with comparable content?
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I think Smashing magazine and have decent things from time to time. Both are mostly free, but generally they aren't as beginner-friendly as B&A seems to be at first glance.
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Tutorial 9 and PS Hero might be of interest to you.
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Response by poster: Thanks all, anyone know of any that deal more with design theory, but still based for a beginner?
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i just saw this book in a store and would definitely recommend it as a kind of one-volume design school. it's not really technical or procedure based, but rather pure design theory. it's well illustrated and laid out (you'd be very surprised) and i think i'll get it at some point.
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