Apple iPod warranty/replacement question
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Apple iPod warranty/replacement question [+]

My roommate just got a new iPod under her warranty, after her old one died. She said he (the Genius at the Genius Bar) thoroughly examined the old one for any dings or bumps before giving her a new one, because apparently Apple won't give you a new one under your warranty if your old one has any big bumps or bruises (presumably because that would be evidence that you broke it on purpose). This worries me, because my iPod (still under warranty for another year) has a huge ding in it that caused no internal damage. I would hate if it broke one day and they wouldn't honor the warranty because of the previous injury. Is there anything I can do?
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Take it to the store now, show it to a manager and explain the ding and show him everything still works. Write down the manager's name, store number, etc.

If something happens to it, down the road, independent of the ding, perhaps he/she can help you out as you showed him the previous "damage".
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I'd suggest doing the above, but asking if that manager would be willing to sign a bit of paper saying what he'd seen.

That way, in case he leaves the job, you're not completely up the creek....
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9 months later:

I didn't take your good advice- I didn't talk to a manager. And whaddya know, a few months after I asked this question, I had hard drive failure on my iPod. And I put off taking it in to the Genius Bar for weeks, because I figured they wouldn't honor the warranty. I finally took it in, and the genius looked at it, and immediately asked, "Did you drop it?" "Yea, a long time ago," as I tried my best to smile and look cute. He kept trying to get the hard drive to work, saw that it didn't- and took it back despite the dent. I nearly made out with him right there in the store. He gave me a lecture about keeping my iPod in a case, which, of course, I haven't done. But I haven't dropped and dented it either. Oh, I ::heart:: Apple.
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