I'm an expat and I need a bank account in Nevada.
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I'm an expat looking for a good bank that serves Nevada, if I can sign up.

I live in Asia and am attempting to relocate myself residence-wise to Nevada. Right now I'm a resident of New Hampshire and have 2 bank accounts there. One is at a local credit union which gives me great deals on things I need, like sending money home and withdrawing money from atms internationally. Bank of America is my other bank, which has horrible rates on a lot of stuff, but allows me to pay my credit cards easily.

So I've set up an address in Nevada and am now looking for a good bank that hopefully can do everything I want.

-Cheap fees / no fees on international wires
-Check Card
-No international atm fees (other than exchange rates)
-Billpay or some sort of system that allows me to pay off my credit cards
-Offers credit cards ( i think i want this, i guess i could get a credit card from elsewhere)
-Free online checking account with no or small minimum balance ($1000)
-I also sometimes get paid from my online income via check, so i should be able to endorse checks and mail them to the bank

Also I guess I should ask how hard it is going to be to sign up at these banks. I still have my New Hampshire license and have yet to receive any mail at my new address.
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Best answer: I'm pretty sure that USAA has opened up it's banking eligibility to anyone. So try them out, they are an excellent bank. USAA is routinely praised on metafilter.
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You can join Silver State Credit Union by donating to PBS:

I've used them as a physical location when I need to deal with my credit union back home and have always had good experiences. But I've never held an account directly with that.
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