What Software to use to open XML (MSN messinger archives) files
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Trouble opening XML files. [+]

OK, full disclosure, said files are archives of old MSN Messenger conversations. The ones that the current version archived open fine, but ones that are a couple of years old, from a previous version (if that matters), won't open in IE or Firefox.

I downloaded an XML viewer, but that only lets me open things message by individual message, which is frustrating and useless.

Sorry if this is a silly question, but it's been bothering me and I'd like to relive the myriad melodramas contained in said files...
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It depends how the files are organized, and how the viewer interprets them. Was it XMLSpy? If not, get over to xmlspy.com and download the free-for-non-commercial-use editor/viewer. Although you can just edit them in Notepad, since the whole point of XML is to be plaintext and human-readable.

Now, if these logs are anything like AIM logs, they should be one file per conversation; I'd be really surprised if they were stored one file per *message*. So it's possible the viewer you're using is doing things oddly.

It's very hard to tell without seeing the format of the files, though. Can you post them online anywhere? (Or snippets of them, or ones which you won't mind others reading)
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notepad should do fine, or editpad or any other advanced text editor. xmlspy is good, but probably overkill. MS xml notepad can open it in grid format, if you like that sort of thing.
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