Changes in work availability
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What notification is necessary for changes to ones work availability?

I work in Alberta on a fairly flexible schedule and am somewhat depended on to be so. This was never a condition of my employment, just convenient for both parties. Now my situation is changing and I'd like to decrease my availability but not really sure how to go about it in terms of length of notification, written, etc. All the information on the Canadian Employment Law website is related to termination notification. Also I'm not sure if I want to disclose what my extra time off will be for, it's a small company and my employer seems the jealous type (I find any discussion about schedule changes to be decidedly threatening and I cave to not create tension). What obligations am I/my employer responsible for?

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I don't believe there is any kind of labour law that will dictate what kind of notification you must provide should your availability change for a flexible job. (Also, this is vague and I can't really get an idea if you're changing time available during the day or number of weekly hours available or something else entirely...) Check your work contract for any info that might be specified in there.

I'd likely schedule a meeting with my boss and have a conversation about your current position and very flexible availability, mention that it will be changing in the future and that you're happy to provide them with x weeks notice as to the extent of the changes. Ask for input as to when they want to know. Then sent written notification for that timeline. I don't think you need to explain why. And should you be asked, surely, "For personal reasons" would be sufficient.
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I was the HR manager in BC for a similar situation. An extreme availabillity change generally resulted in a resignation as they were hired part time for evening and weekend shifts. So if they wanted to go to weekdays or full time or take a leave of absence beyond what was provincally outlined by law we had no requirement to accommodate the request. However if the person was a good employee we would always hire them back after the leave.
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