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SciMeFi: Strange request here. I heard about a sci-fi book maybe 10 years ago. I remember some general details, but I may be wrong about any one of them. So if I can get any leads from someone here, I’d be most thankful! Keyword: giant artifacts from the future start to appear?

All I (think I) remember is that this takes place on Earth, and suddenly these immense objects or artifacts or obelisks begin appearing all over the world. Or maybe there’s only one. (See, I told you my memory was vague.) I seem to recall that, in the story, this event (or series of events) causes quite the turmoil. And then there’s the possibility that these artifacts were sent back from the future? I also have the impression that these objects are titanic, like skyscrapers. But again…

I just can’t remember, but a ton of Googling has yielded me nothing useful. I remember this book being reviewed in a good number of online journals at the time, so how obscure can it be? Argh.
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In Hyperion by Dan Simmons there are large structures that are moving backward through time. (The Time Tombs.) They don't start appearing during the book, though, they "open" in the present even though they've always been there.

I realize that this is not really close to your not very specific description, but it's a data point.
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Best answer: The Chronoliths by Robert Charles Wilson?
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Best answer: It could be the fucking CHRONOLITHS!

By Robert Charles Wilson.

But oh god as I remember that Wiki article kinda gives things away. But yeah the things you are describing definitely happen in THE CHRONOLITHS so google around a bit.
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It could be Eon by Greg Bear.
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Well, there's 2001: A Space Odyssey...
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This is a trope in Charles Stross' singularity novels.
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3rding The Chronoliths.
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If you're wrong about the size of the objects that appear it could be Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter's Time's Eye series, or if you're wrong about the time travel part it could be Whitley Strieber's 2012.
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Wasn't there an artifact from the future in Eon by Greg Bear?
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this could also be "The Alien Years" by Robert Silverberg
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Most definitely the Chronoliths. Loved the book, it was a real page turner.
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