Help me find an obscure movie song
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Asking for a friend: I saw a movie once, but I can remember neither the name nor the theme. At a guess I would say it was five to six years ago, but it was not in theater and so could have been a bit older. Toward the end of the movie, perhaps just before the credits and on into the credits, there was a song about a birthday. I don't remember if it was a character's birthday, but I believe it was. It was a sort of weird, sad, but upbeat tune. Possibly containing drug references. Not rap, more of an anti-folk feel (think Moldy Peaches) and a female singer. It was not Kimya Dawson's "Jest's Birthday". Wikipedia's list of non-canonical birthday songs does not produce anything familiar. Find for me this song, Internet.
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could it be the relatively well known cover of Mad World from Donnie Darko? There's a line about "children waiting for the day they feel good, happy birthday, happy birthday." has kind of a sad but upbeat tune
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A weird, sad song about a birthday with a female singer? That describes Super 8, by Jill Sobule.
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do you have any more details about the movie it played during?
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Concrete Blonde Happy Birthday?
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Best answer: Happy Clappy Birthday is from an episode of Weeds, definitely falls into the weird upbeat category.
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Response by poster: Friend response:

"Dear Internet,
Though I supplied a vague and even misleading description, you still came through for me. JujuB is the winner of this particular game. Thank you all, and goodnight."
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