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Is there any way to cross the I-5 bridge between Portland and Vancouver by bike that does not involve actually riding on the freeway?

I live in North Portland, and next week I start a new job in Vancouver. I've never biked over the I-5 bridge before, but I can't see a way to get to the bike lane on the bridge without actually riding on the freeway to get to Jantzen Beach first. Am I wrong?

I've looked at Bikely but can't find anything really helpful - lots of routes, but no cue sheets. Can anybody that rides PDX/VAN via I-5 help me out with a route across the bridge (I'd be coming down Denver or Interstate towards the freeway)? I live close enough to the I-5 bridge that riding to 205 and going that way to get to my office would more than double my commute, so I'd rather not do that.

I really want to ride to work if possible, but even though I've been bike commuting for 15 years (including a stint riding from downtown to Tigard via Barbur), the thought of riding on a freeway terrifies me. I could easily ride to the Expo Center MAX station, C-Tran across the bridge, and ride from downtown VAN, but if there's a safe way to ride across I'd be happy to hear about it.
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Best answer: Here is the way I have gone in the past (other might have better routes than this so YMMV). Hope this helps!
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Best answer: Go here PortlandOnline.com and scroll down for the Vancouver I-5 bridge map. Also, you're not supposed to ride on the roadway, you're supposed to ride on the sidewalk.
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Response by poster: amanda - that's exactly what I was wondering, if there WAS a sidewalk on the bit from the Expo Center to Jantzen Beach. I don't drive it very often and have never looked for/noticed one, but from Asbestos' link and yours, I see that there is one. This is awesome. Thanks both of you!
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Here's some more info from 2008 about the improvements. I have never ridden over this bridge but my understanding is that these changes have been done: BikePortland.org. Good luck!
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Also, if you have any questions, call that number for Vancouver or Portland listed on the map -- always good to let people know that you are using their valuable services.
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BTW the Vancouver ave bridge that is in my map is closed to road traffic due to a fire about a year ago, but is fine to bike across. In fact, I just witnessed a lot of bikes on it for the Ben Hurt chariot races and nothing collapsed.
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