Best way to have solid internet connection no matter where you are
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I am looking for an internet solution for living at 3 homes during the year. Instead of paying for internet service at each one of the 3 homes is there a better option. I looked into tethering my iPhone but it's too much of a hassle. Any ideas?
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Some sort of mobile broadband? There are nation-wide providers.
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We have Clearwire and just bring the modem with us from one home to the other. Works fine.
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(To clarify--we only pay for internet service at our primary residence.)
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Verizon does mobile broadband linked through 3G. Googling Mifi (or Myfi) turns up other providers.
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A MiFi is a decent solution IF you are not a heavy internet user.....the use limit for these personal hotspots adds up REAL QUICKLY.

Trust me, we just learned this lesson the hard (and expensive) way!
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Do you have these USB sticks where you live? They're pretty expensive up here in Canada but it's one idea, anyway.
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We used my Sprint Palm Pre as a modem and it was good wherever we were with unlimited internet. The service was very satisfactory and fast.
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We are in the Southern U.S.A.
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If you are not a heavy user (downloading lots of music, videos, torrents, etc..) a mobile broadband card is the way to go. Are you using separate desktop computers at each of the homes, or a laptop that travels between all three?
If you are using desktop computers, a USB mobile broadband card would do the trick. Laptops have a few different options, USB, PC Card, internal cards can also be had to do the job with no peripherals.
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I know people who use Clearwire for this. The slightly more expensive plan (~$50/month) also includes a dongle for your computer that will work anywhere they have service, without the need to their modem. I know they have good coverage in many parts of the South, but you would definitely need to check if that includes all 3 of your places.
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