CBT in Brooklyn
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CBT--or, barring that--any good therapist, in Brooklyn or Manhattan near the F train?

I'm looking for a therapist in Cobble Hill or Brooklyn Heights area that specializes in CBT and takes insurance. This seems to be a difficult thing to search for on the Interweb. Can you recommend anyone? Can you recommend a therapist in the area that perhaps doesn't specialize in CBT, but is still good? OR, can you recommend a CBT therapist in Manhattan near the F train? This is for anxiety/depression issues and I'd prefer a woman, but it's not critical.
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With some clicking, this link should get you what you want, excepting, possibly, a recommendation.
posted by troywestfield at 8:31 AM on February 23, 2010

Memail me.
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Also, you need to say what kind of insurance you have.
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From the OP:

Would you mind posting to my question that I have HealthNet, and that I have tried the Psychology Today web site, I've called the Weill Cornell Line, and I've called Lifenet? (in short, I've read all the threads on CBT and New York, and I'm looking for specific recs for therapists).
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I highly, highly recommend this therapist. Memail me if you want more details.
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Me Mail me. As a guy who has spent more of his life in therapy than out, I can recommend to you the best therapist I've ever had.
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MeMail me too, if you still haven't found what you're looking for. My recs would all be in Manhattan, but they are worth the commute.
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