What is the name of this dimly remembered audiobook
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Help me remember this dimly remembered audio book that we listened to when I was a child.

I was watching Life on Mars the other day and got a glimpse of a memory of a long forgotten audiobook that we had when I was a child. It was set in England, and I am pretty sure it was a vaguely autobiographical story about a boy growing up... in the 50s? 60s? 70s? It referenced soccer players Gordon Bennett and Bobby Charlton in one episode - that's how I know those names, and I think is what made me think of the damn thing at all.

Other remembered fragments: in one story there were fireworks for guy fawkes day, in another he desperately wanted a balaclava, and I think he stole it, felt guilty and tried to flush it down the loo, only to realise he'd flushed the one his mum had gotten him as a surprise present.

I remember something about fish and chips and rings of pineapple for dinner in one of the episodes too.

What is this book?? it's driving me mad trying to remember more details.
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Best answer: I suspect this is one of the George Layton short story collections (which I read as a kid), though I couldn't say which one... the details of that balaclava story are now driving me mental.
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Response by poster: YOU BEAUTY!

The Fib and Other Stories, by George Layton!
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