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Are there any websites or scripts that will take screenshots of other websites for me that I can then src or iframe with which to construct a page of thumbnails?

I'm building a launch page.

I like Speed Dial for Chrome but I'd like to edit it and have (as nearly as possible) real-time thumbnail screenshots of websites.
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I don't know about real-time (though it never takes long to get something up there), but I use for a little webpage project thing I've been putting together. Works fine, but I think the thumbs come from a repository or cache of some sort. If I add a website to my page and thumbshots has (apparently) never been to it before, then they send a "coming soon" image until they do. Things may have changed since I started using them a couple years ago and I admittedly don't it that close attention.
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ack... "don't PAY it that close attention."
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First, you can get Chrome to do what you want by "pinning" desired sites to the speed dial. It is a little tedious to get all of the sites you want on there, but with the pin and X that show up when you hover over the thumbnails you should be able to get there.

However, you should build something. WebThumb is another service that does this. It also has a nice API, and someone kindly put together a ruby script to grab shots.

Finally, if you come up with an interesting solution, please let us know. I think about doing this on and off, but never do. Pretty low priority, and there are so many *almost* solutions, e.g. (text only), (icons), and of course, the speed dial on Chrome.
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